Support system for foreign staff

We are focusing on Japanese language education for our foreign staff.

◆Japanese learning support

  • Upon request, we can set up study courses within the office.​
    A portion of the training costs will be subsidized.
  • If you obtain Japanese language qualification N2 or higher, you will receive a raise in salary.

◆Support for university admission

  • Full support for entering university in Japan
  • Tuition fee support will be provided on the condition of advancing to higher education.
  • Flexible work schedules to suit your academic progress

◆Support for obtaining security-related qualifications

  • We will support you in taking qualification exams in Japanese that are recognized by the company, such as Information Processing Security Support Specialist.​
    Purchase of textbooks, exam fees​
  • If you qualify, we will provide you with an allowance.

◆Vietnamese staff are active

  • Our staff, who have received Japanese language training, work smoothly in a Japanese environment.